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 General Staff of the Edge.

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PostSubject: General Staff of the Edge.   Sat Jan 30, 2010 7:44 pm

This is a general list of the Current Staff of the Edge of LOTR. Each of these individuals graciously volunteer their time in order to make playing on our server the experience it is. I've listed general responsibilites beside each member and what they should or could be contacted for to help with. Thank you to all of you. Smile

Game Admins:
TreeWalker(tree-walker): Server Admin/Builder/Designer
Rashanka(ktaal01): Forum Admin/Game Manager/player referee. Suspect

Quest Managers:
Strider(EstelStriderThorongil): General Quest Leader for all PC levels.
Beorn(*pending): General Quest Leader for all PC levels.
Gimli(-DM-Aule): General Quest leader for all PC levels.
Nazgul (-DM-Ringwraith) General Quest Leader for all PC levels.
Boromir (-DM-Ringwraith) General Quest Leader for all PC levels.

to be continued... What a Face
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General Staff of the Edge.
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