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 Resting in the Edge

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PostSubject: Resting in the Edge   Sun Feb 14, 2010 3:56 pm

I have considered many ways to have players "rest" in the Edge. There are so many choices out there. Of course the standard NWN Resting just allows players to rest in any old place as long as no hostile NPCs are nearby. I've seen many versions of the bedroll system, where you have to bring a bedroll kit and use it in order to rest. These range from the simple ones where you just have to HAVE it in your inventory, to the ones where you "can" have it and it will allow full rest or you don't and you are damaged if you try resting without it. The last place I visited had a multiple resting system that disallowed all resting except in designated indoor areas/rooms of dungeons or with a bedroll outside but only within a certain amount of time per day. And food .. yes.. food was required for all resting.
I thought about all of these ideas, and decided to keep it real, but as simple as possible. I did this for a number of reasons, first off being, I am lazy! Laughing Actually no, first off being the less complicated the less likely errors will occur with systems that cross over with resting. These systems included things like persistant PC locations in the server, inventory updating, and auto saving the PC to the server database.

So in the end to keep it simple but real, what we have is our campfire resting system. I didn't limited the amount of times per second in a day you could rest. Take it from me, people can sleep whenever they want or need to, especially if they are ill or injured. Of course they can't sleep ANYwhere they want to though without consequences. So of course being outside and having your trusty campfire won't necessarily keep the Orcs away. Campfires are also for other purposes: they provide light in the dark and you can cook over them - voila! cooking crafting skills.

Using the campfire resting outdoors: Each player is issued a flint and tinder kit when they first arrive in the server. Use the kit and point at any area of the ground around your avatar's feet. A campfire placeable will appear and you will be given options to Rest/Light/Cook or Put the campfire out.

Resting indoors can only be accomplished in set areas of a room (near a 'resting candle" or a fireplace).

Please keep in mind that RESTING in the Edge saves both your PC and your PC's persistant location. If you just defeated the Balrog and decided to rest over his remains, remember to rest again before leaving the server... else you are in for one big surprise the next time you join us. affraid

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Resting in the Edge
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