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 Dying in the Edge

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PostSubject: Dying in the Edge   Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:33 pm

Death and Respawning:

Death is not a fun experience. Not even in pretendy land. So saying, we should avoid death at all costs. Unfortunately, death happens. In the Edge, I wanted to make it something you DO NOT look forward to, but not make is such a fun destroying event. Also, in a roleplaying environment, even death or moral injury has a place. So being, I put a death system into play that hopefully will meet the needs of both a fun adventure and a roleplaying server. This is how it works:

Regardless of what Tolkien envisioned for Elf, Man, Orc or Balrog... on the Edge you are grievously injured - not killed. If you wish to role play real death (permanent death), it will have to arranged with a DM - namely, myself. Otherwise, when your player character (PC) is damaged below -1, your body will drop, a corpse placeable will mark your place in the area and you (your avatar) will be transported to Mando's quarters in the Timeless Halls.
At this point, depending on your companions abilities and your abilities or desires, you will be presented with the following choices:

1. If you are level 5 or below, you will incurr no penalty no matter what decision you make.

2. If you are traveling with a companion who is either capable of casting raise dead/ressurrect or who has a scroll to raise dead/ressurrect, then they can use the spell/scroll on your placeable corpse and return you to life in the area you (died). There is of course only the loss or use of the scroll/spell as a consequence. You as the player will be notified in the Timeless Halls that someone has used a scroll/spell on your corpse and you will be transported back to the area you fell. As the player... all you need do is wait.

3. If your traveling companions care to do so, they could "pick up" your corspe by opening the inventory of the corpse placeable and removing the "PC" they find inside. Your corspe is very heavy, but it is roleplayable and it can be put down in a safer area to either further roleplay or be raised by another player who is not close by or capable of performing the above actions in example 1 (ie raise dead/resurrect). Also this corpse holds its PCs identity so if the player is disconnected from the server or leaves, it can be raised and the PC would return alive the next time he/she logs in. But the most important feature of the corpse placeable is it can be carried to a healer. Each town either already has or will have an area with a healer. The healer will direct your companions to rest you in a bed or cot (placing your corpse inside a healing bed placeable). When this is performed, your companion will receive a small exp bonus of about 50 experience points. Your corpse will disappear and you will be transported from the halls to the bedside. You will lose 10 experience points per level and there is no gold loss. Oh when your companions pick up your corpse, you are notified in the Timeless Halls.

4. While you are up in the Timeless Halls and your buddies are standing around your cooling corpse, You could talk to Mandos. He will give you two choices. You can either wait with him (End the conversation) or return to life. (Respawn) If you choose to respawn, Mandos will return you to the default area in the Timeless Halls. The corpse at your companion's feet will disappear. OR if they had picked up your corpse, it will disappear from their inventory. You will automatically lose up to 200 experience points per level. You will NOT lose an experience level. You will lose half of the gold not converted to coins or held in your bank account. You will have to find your own way back to your party or start on a new adventure if you are traveling alone.
{For example if you are level 10 with 20,000 gld, 5 royal coins, 1000 in your bank account and you choose to respawn you would lose 2000 exp and 10,000 gold. If you had just gained level 10 (after leveling up of course) and only had 1000 exp above that level's requirement, then you would only lose 1000 exp and 10,000 gold.}

Entish. Its is a lovely language, but it takes a very long time to say anything in it, because we do not say anything in it, unless it is worth taking a long time to say or listen to.
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Dying in the Edge
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