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 What is a Bug and how to submit it (General Information)

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PostSubject: What is a Bug and how to submit it (General Information)   Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:09 pm

A Bug is any unintentional game problem that would give a player an unfair amount of items/exp/gold or access in the server or causes a problem with the normal gaming experience in the server. If you see a bug that interfers with you or other player's game mechanics, I ,of course, need to see to it as soon as possible. Example: Every time PC[Bob] dies in game, PC[Harry] is also killed instantly no matter where he is. Please go ahead and make a seperate Topic Post and describe in detail what happens. Include:
Your login name, your pc name, what are you (class/race), location in game when the error occured. If at all possible, take a screen shot. If the problem is item related, I need to know the full name of what it is called and what actions you tried to perform. For example: My login is (playerrandombob) I am a 8 level halfling fighter and I tried to equip my 3+ butt kicking double scimatar of doom but it won't equip. rabbit I will answer each bug as I fix them or if they can't be fixed, explain the problem and either assist the player in game or remove the object if it is unfixable.

Now if the bug has to do with an obvious exploit or a quest advantage that would spoil the surprise for other players, I would rather that bug be sent personally to either DM Rashanka or myself via personnel message. DO NOT post those exploits for all players to see.

If i have fixed it and the problem has been viewed enough for all to see my awesome failures, I'll move the done topics to our "basket"

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What is a Bug and how to submit it (General Information)
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