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 So what's happening with the server?

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PostSubject: So what's happening with the server?   Tue Jun 08, 2010 5:51 pm

Ok folks, not to overstate the obvious, but you've probably noticed the server's down and has been for a while now.

Treewalker was contemplating some big changes, but it wasn't supposed to happen this fast. We were going to try to give some warning and some sort of time-line to when the server would be back. Obviously that plan fell in a soggy heap (I don't know who left it there, but...)

So... I'm fairly certain that when she gets things on an even keel she'll be able to put the server back up. Until then, I'm afraid we'll have to do without both her presence and her world.

When I get any more info, I'll post it. Until then, take care and enjoy whatever world you choose to inhabit. cheers


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So what's happening with the server?
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