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 Undead Areas.

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PostSubject: Undead Areas.   Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:28 pm

  • Weathertop

    To those of us that don't know the history of everything forever, I thought that WeatherTop was supposed to be all.. undead-ey. We lack /real/ undead areas. The best we've got are the Downs, and the Ruins.

    From what I was aware (because apparently my knowledge is limited by that of other servers I've played), Weathertop is supposed to be home to some silly undead king and queen. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    But it'd be nice to have some other 'Destroy the.. Middle Earth, without having a side' bosses. (Other than Shelob, whom I can't kill, apparently, because she does more damage than an eighty ton pillar getting bashed into your head multiple times by a very angry super-being). (Not that this is for my own benefit. I'm sure there are others out there somewhere that aren't level 40 Wizards with more spells than Tree apparently has brain cells [scripting Godess, and whatnot, y'know]).

  • Path of the Dead, Deadholm, Dimholt, and the like

    ... Where are the dead guys here?
    I've visited on multiple occasions, and I swear, the only people around that area are very much alive, and human. I've found Dimholt Kamas, the Plate of the Dead, and other junk that should ONLY drop in there, and yet for the life of me, can't seem to weasel my way in to beat some dead guys.

  • NPCS. Stuff like that. Again a reference to time elsewhere.

    What happened to that guy?

    That vampire-y chick from Cirith Ungol
    And where's the leader of Cirith Ungol?

    **more will come later as I think of them, but hopefully we can get something going on what happened, and understanding for those that quite frankly didn't bother to go and read all the history**
    ***Maybe we can work out some stats, and stuff, or if the third age doesn't permit the existence of these folks, well, I suppose we'll have to do without. But a leader for Cirith Ungol would be nice to have. A leaderless shortcut to the leader of a nation is a bad shortcut to the leader of a nation. Even if it's evil.***

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Undead Areas.
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