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 no singing?

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Ranger of the Pubs

Ranger of the Pubs

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PostSubject: no singing?   Fri Mar 05, 2010 2:59 am

I noticed while in Goblin Town, that oddly , the goblins weren't singing their song! what gives?

" Clap! Snap! the black crack!
Grip, grab! Pinch, nab!
And down down to Goblin-town
You go, my lad!

Clash, crash! Crush, smash!
Hammer and tongs! Knocker and gongs!
Pound, pound, far underground!
Ho, ho! my lad!

Swish, smack! Whip crack!
Batter and beat! Yammer and bleat!
Work, work! Nor dare to shirk,
While Goblins quaff, and Goblins laugh,
Round and round far underground
Below, my lad! "

(it sounded truly terrifying)
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PostSubject: Re: no singing?   Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:32 am

S'funny; I thought they used to sing:

fish heads
fish heads
roly poly fish heads
fish heads
fish heads
eat them up


It’s a giant, flying, magical, armour-plated, fire-breathing, hyper-intelligent, killing machine...
YOU slay it!
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no singing?
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