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 Player vs Player Combat Rules

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PostSubject: Player vs Player Combat Rules   Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:06 pm

Rules for PvP on the Edge:

First off, Barad Dur, Minas Tirith, Isengard, Edoras, and the Fangorn all contain pieces that need to be gathered for opposite factioned Quests. Because of problems with gaining these difficult quest items and with random unwanted problems with misinterpretations of this very touchy topic, I'm going to make some rules that NONE of you will like.

1. PvP cannot be initiated unless a Quest Monitor or DM is in the Server. The only exception to this Rule is if you are in the Tharbad Arena. PvP must be initiated by agreement. Role play must be used at all times. The attacking party is responsible for telling the QM or DM in game that he/she has asked such and such to PVP. The QM or DM will confirm this with the defending party. PvP can only occur if the DM or QM say so. Of course this does not apply to any ongoing Roleplaying Quest initiated by one of the Quest managers.

2. If you die and respawn, you cannot return to the area of combat until the PvP conflict is finished. End of story. You may continue if you have fallen on the battlefield and been raised by another PC.

3. You may use any and all spells, scrolls, potions, animal assistants, slaves, animated dead or handy furniture you want in the battle. All is fair in a brawl.

4. You may NOT Chase or Flee from combat into another zoned area. If you rest you are out of the conflict.

With all the above in mind, please remember that this is a roleplaying server. If you want arena action type play there are more than enough of those servers out there. Seek and Enjoy.
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Player vs Player Combat Rules
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