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 General Player Creation Rules

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PostSubject: General Player Creation Rules   Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:02 pm

All of these rules can be found in your player journels once you login. Of course I realize that by the time you log in you have already created a character. Therefore I will post character creation rules here as well.

1. You can not use the name of any high profile LOTRs character present in Tolkien's books. These names are reserved for NPCs and our Quest leaders to provide you with more interactive roleplaying experience.

2. Use common sense when creating a player name and background story. Offensive names or character biographies will be deleted and could cause that login to be banned. Remember that this is a roleplaying server first!

3. As a common rule for selecting classes and races remember that LOTR was limited in certain areas of diversity. The undead were NOT roaming freely through out Middle Earth. Dragons were evil and Orcs were a creation of the Valar Melkor. With that in mind, if you wish to play any character with the specializations of Pale Master or Dragon Disciple you MUST be aligned with the Followers of the Eye. (hence evil) Also keep in mind that you should roleplay these classes with discretion. I would also request that you play a commonly played PC and then seeking an Admin's permission before selecting either of these specializations. Just for general information, both of these classes have had scripted limitations placed on them as well.

4. Unlike some servers, the Edge will not police what multiclass you select except to state that you must have at LEAST three levels of each multi level. For example if you choose to be a fighter/sorc/monk .. then you could have 3fighter/27sorc/10monk, but not 1fighter/29sorc/10monk. ect. Of I'll repeat, this is a roleplaying server, try to multiclass your pc sensibly with the storyline.
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General Player Creation Rules
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